Staff Augmentation

Quality is not an act, it is a habit

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Quality and Quick submissions is our mantra


The Process of Project Management is the real skill comes in contextualizing the applicability of technology, validating best practices and reuse in the specific business and enterprise context.Our unsurpassed recruiting methods, combined with our outstanding ability to understand your needs, allows us to inject exceptionally skilled expertise directly into your organization when you need special help - and only for as long as you need it.

IT Consulting

Our focus: Not mere technology, but technology that works for you. We adapt to the continuously changing technology but never at the cost business purpose. As a policy, any solution conceptualized by us has to necessarily have a positive business impact. Adherence to this principle coupled with high quality of service and commitment to client satisfaction symbolizes our approach to every aspect of work.

Managed services

CPG delivers Managed Software Services offering value across all areas of your business while minimizing risk and enhancing your competitive footing with an “IT Thinking” business partner. With our Global Delivery Model, we deliver supportive IT strategies integrated with your business vision. Your staff can shift from maintenance and worries about technical expertise to innovation and management of our contracted services.

RPO Services

Consistency is our work, put us on strong RPO processes expertise. Selection & Screening candidates, maintain database, background verification, scheduling interviews, negotiating offers & on-boarding are meticulously executed to drive value to customers. We emerged as a dominant player in this highly competitive and surpassed indomitable restraints and market challenges.