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8+ Yrs

4 years ago

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Skills: UI/front-end, REST, SOAP, Angular JavaScript, OOJS

Job description

Job Description:

  1. At least 8 years of hands-on experience working with front-end web development or custom web content (This should be custom HTML/CSS and animations, NOT Wordpress, CMS based, or template based work)
  2. At least 4 years of hands-on experience working with data backed front-end web applications (REST, SOAP, etc)
  3. Very good understanding of design and web architecture
  4. Strong ability to work on all aspects of software development from requirement collection to analysis, design, development, and testing
  5. Experience in developing an Angular JavaScript application from scratch
  6. Experience in architecting JavaScript applications
  7. Experience with cloud hosting (namely AWS, Azure, etc) for a consumer-facing web product
  8. Knowledge of SEO best practices
  9. General knowledge of back-end web development
  10. Hands-on experience with server-side programming environments
  11. Solid understanding of recent concepts and approaches such as SPA, isomorphic and progressive web apps
  12. Proficiency in the following skills and technologies is mandatory:
    1. HTML5, CSS3 (including animations), JavaScript, JQuery
    2. Expertise in the Angular 2+ and ReactJS front-end frameworks
    3. Object Oriented JavaScript (OOJS) is must
    4. Strong knowledge of Data structures and REST APIs
    5. Solid experience with CSS preprocessors (LESS, SASS) and at least 1 Framework that use them (Compass, Bourbon, Susy)

 Job Requirements:


  1. Passion for developing a simple, clean, and attractive UI/front-end
  2. Ensure the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of the applications
  3. Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to these problems
  4. Perfectionism when it comes to code quality
  5. Commitment to following dev best practices, such as code-reviews, automated tests, etc.
  6. A willingness to embrace the concept of iterative development as the means for building excellent products
  7. Ability and willingness to learn new technologies and business domain
  8. Team player and have ownership mentality