Who We Are

CPG Inc is an IT Services Company headquartered in Milwaukee, USA. Since its inception in May 2003, CPG has emerged as a key player in the global IT outsourcing space. CPG currently has operations in the US, Europe and the Asia Pacific region (development centers in Milwaukee, Jacksonville and Hyderabad).

Founded in 2003, CPG has grown from a startup to $10+ million Technology Services Company. We believe in Integrity and Fairplay and that is one of our key values and differentials from other service providers. We live by the maxim 'Every Second Counts' At CPG, people, products and processes converge to create compelling, high-value, low-cost solutions in record time. We measure our success in terms of the value we provide to our customers and the extent to which we contribute in helping our customers achieve their ROI goals and competitive advantage.

The solution segment of CPG provides IT services delivering custom business solutions that implement and integrate Oracle’s full suite of applications. We provide a wide range of expertise to our clients including DBA, Middleware and applications solutions.

CPG evolved from a group of highly agile members from Top IT companies. This group served various clients across the globe from Asia Pacific to the Americas and gained vast experience in different IT techniques and methodologies. With a combined average experience of over 15 years, this group provides optimized methodologies and best possible solutions to its clients.

Our Vision

To earn global admiration while building IT solutions to customers and not customers to implement IT solutions.

Our Mission

To transform customers’ business problems into win-win opportunities To inspire continuous learning across the organization To work smart and play hard