Managed IT Services - Overview

CPG delivers Managed Software Services offering value across all areas of your business while minimizing risk and enhancing your competitive footing with an “IT Thinking” business partner. With our Global Delivery Model, we deliver supportive IT strategies integrated with your business vision. Your staff can shift from maintenance and worries about technical expertise to innovation and management of our contracted services.

Our Managed Services benefit you with:

  •Project flexibility and ability to “trend” quickly with business direction or technology
  •Global Delivery Model: Onsite, remote and hybrid options (onshore architecting & control, offshore development or testing)
  •Provide for initiatives of all sizes: programs or projects
  •Streamlined – cost effective process which give you predictable monthly costs
  •Industry best practices
  •Provide for initiatives of all sizes: programs or projects
  •Reduced risks with adaptable & scalable services
  •Transparent Partnership